We care enough to put you first. You’re hurting and want to know what’s wrong and the best strategy to get better.

We are the Primary Spine Management specialists. Our doctor is trained to triage each case to determine the correct testing and treatment, whether it’s in our office or not.

We are not a one stop shop, so patient care is based on your need, not only the services we offer. We have a network of doctors and therapists that we will refer to when indicated and necessary.

We have the time to spend with you and document all your symptoms, as well as doing a thorough examination.

We take care of the finances so you can focus on getting healthy. We take most insurances and have financial plans that can suit most needs. For personal injury cases, we can use med-pay but we also take lawyer liens.

Colorado Springs Spine and Injury Clinic are your Personal Injury Professionals.

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We will be the backbone in your case and become the coordinator of both your care and the records you will need. As the saying goes; if it’s not documented, it does not exist. These are all important in a personal injury case for your attorney, if he has to fight for you.

Our doctor has advanced training that is admissible in court which is not part of traditional chiropractic training. We are the choice of many attorneys because we often solve diagnostic dilemmas for them. We can write narrative reports for all our personal injury cases and also do impairment ratings when indicated.