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Why choose Chiropractic in Colorado Springs?

The Goal of Chiropractic Colorado Springs

The goal of chiropractic Colorado Springs is simple: to restore & optimize human health.

Chiropractors primarily treat the spine. However, don’t just assume that chiropractic care will only help with symptoms in the neck & back. The entire human body can be helped to heal.

Because chiropractic treats the spine, and thus all bodily functions, health conditions of all types can be treated. This includes:

  • neck pain,
  • back pain,
  • sciatica
  • whiplash,
  • shoulder pain,
  • food allergies,
  • irritable bowel syndrome,
  • extremity pain — hands and feet,
  • headaches & migraines,
  • poor range of motion,
  • stiff or spasming muscles,
  • arthritis or painful joints,
  • poor performance or low energy,
  • stress and anxiety,
  • bad balance,
  • inflammation in the stomach, intestine, tissues, or other areas,
  • ear infections,
  • women suffering from painful menstruation,
  • and more!

What is chiropractic?

Chiropractors emphasize the power of the body to recuperate. Chiropractic uses the natural human power of the body to heal. No drugs or surgery are required with this approach! As a discipline of health care, chiropractic studies the unique relationship between the spine and nervous system, or “structure” and “function”. The nervous system coordinates the movements of the spine, which in turn powers the rest of the body. By manipulating that relationship in a positive way, health can be improved. How exactly does this process work?

The nervous system, or the “function” of the body, controls how cells operate, how tissues heal, how organs function, and the coordination of most bodily tasks. The spinal column, or the “structure” of the body, protects the nervous system. The spinal column includes both the spinal cord and the roots of the nerves.To illustrate, the spine could be compared to a house: foundation, walls and roof. The nervous system is the interior of the home: appliances, & fixtures.

Clearly, this relationship can have a huge impact on the health of the body and mind. If problems develop in the structure, like a car accident causing bone or muscle problems, it can irritate the nervous system. Other causes of structural decay could include tissue injury, or other types of “structural” stress. When the structure is stressed or broken, it needs repaired. Without this type of help, cells, tissues, and organs are negatively affected by the nerves. The resulting health problems depend on each person; different structural issues can affect different cells, tissues, or organs depending on the damage to each person and how much the nervous system has been damaged. By correcting spinal problems that irritate and inflame parts of the nervous system, good health can be restored. Even non-spinal health issues can be improved.

Chiropractors are safe, natural and proven to relieve painful problems like back aches, neck pain, migraines, and pain in the extremities like feet & hands.Health conditions like low energy levels, asthma, arthritis and more can also be helped. Upwards of 15 million people choose the benefits of chiropractic care every year. Even short term chiropractic care be helpful. However, to experience the full benefits of good health, we recommend regular “tune-ups” to your spine.

The benefits of regular chiropractor visits are:

  • relief from spinal pain or back pain,
  • relieving pain in the extremities,
  • migraine or headache alleviation,
  • easing of symptoms related to mobility or range of motion,
  • less stiff joints and less muscle spasming,
  • reduction of arthritis pain symptoms,
  • better overall joint health,
  • more energy,
  • anxiety relief as well as sense of well being that only natural health can provide,
  • better balance,
  • increased coordination,
  • risks of injury are lessened due to reduced degeneration,
  • enhanced tissue healing
  • decreased inflammation

What Chiropractors Do – Vertical Subluxations

For the most part, the above goals are achieved by locating & treating vertical subluxations.

What is a vertical subluxation? A vertical subluxation is a structural or joint change that can compromise nerve integrity. This can influence organ function and health in general.

Through extensive training & exceptional skills, a chiropractor is able to successfully & safely fix vertical subluxations and improve the overall health of many patients. First, the chiropractor will check the patient’s spine. Misalignments & other abnormalities, otherwise known as vertical subluxations, are found during this process. Next, a gentle force will be applied by the chiropractor. This force applied to the affected region of the spine corrects the vertical subluxation and position patients back on the road to health.

Other techniques can also be used to identify & treat spinal abnormalities and improve health. Massage, diet counseling, food allergy testing, and physical therapy can be employed and recommended to augment vertical subluxation treatments.

The difference of chiropractic

When a person pulls a weed out of the garden, they must be sure to get the root, or the weed will grow back. Chiropractors focus on the root of the problem. From evaluation to treatment, chiropractors approach healthcare by identifying and correcting the cause of health ailments.

In stark contrast, the traditional medical approach to health conditions is to focus on treating symptoms, instead of fixing the actual root problem. Like pulling the top of a weed, this approach can have short-term benefits, but the problem can still rear its ugly head in the future.

The mission of a chiropractor is correct the cause of a health conditions; this solution ensures long-term health benefits for the patient, instead of continuously treating painful symptoms.

Chiropractic Colorado Springs - Why choose Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic?

The goal of chiropractic is simple: to restore & optimize human health. .