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Treatments for our patients


80% of all diagnosis comes from a proper patient history and physical & neurological exam.


We are very proud and humbled by patient loyalty and their referrals but also spend time developing relationships with our local doctors and attorneys.

“When it's something outside of the scope of what I do, I refer my patients appropriately. Sometimes the best thing to do is nothing.” – Ron Salvaggione

Spinal adjustments

An adjustment by definition is a high speed low force thrust. But the art comes in knowing what each person needs. We utilize many different techniques to address the needs of as many people as possible, but when necessary we will refer out.

Chiropractic adjustments

Chiropractic adjustments are safe and very effective but almost all are specific to each person. Sometimes an adjustment is needed to address an injury and all the stages of healing; other times it for health maintenance and wellness.

Light force adjustments

Adjustments are all supposed to be light but each person’s version of light is different. We have training in styles that are known to be extra gentle for kids, elderly and all those that just like a light touch.

Non force treatments

Some of our training utilizes more gentle guiding as opposed to spinal manipulative techniques. When indicated by the condition, this is the style we use.

Flexion distraction

This is utilized often when we have patients with disc herniation, facet problems, degenerative discs or decide we don’t want to use rotation for them.

Thompson Drop Work

This is another standard in the chiropractic technique arsenal that requires a special table. It restores spinal motion, position and health to the spine.


This is used for many reasons.Kinesiology is: testing muscles and using that information to treat a variety of conditions or telling us where to adjust the spine.

Rehabilitative Exercises

Patients are always given exercises to help restore spinal health and stability to their spine. We go one step further by making sure they do them before being treated, and at the same time observe to make sure they are being done correctly.

Massage therapist Colorado Springs

One of the many services we offer to help our patients recover quicker but also utilized by many others to stay well and, sometimes, be pampered.

Daily eating activities

Healing is very difficult without proper nutrition so we cover the basics with some people. With others, we get more detailed, utilizing blood testing for food sensitivities or saliva testing to see hormone imbalances.

Home care exercises & stretches – Therapeutic exercises – Therapeutic stretches

One of the most common presentations we see at the clinic is that people are guessing with their home care regimens, which ultimately leads to them getting worse. We guide all our patients with home care to help them achieve the results they want.


We use states of the art equipment and hold to the same standard as hospitals by having all our films read by a radiologist. We also read them from a structural perspective.

Food sensitivity testing – Food allergy testing

This is like allergy testing but at the same time different. Many people have latent responses to foods they think are good for them but suffer from odd health problems. We have found this to be a valuable tool in diagnosing and treating those cases.

Hormone testing/saliva testing

With all the focus on hormone replacement therapy these days, that leads to yet another drug approach. We decided to offer a more natural approach that is very safe and effective.

Soft tissue therapy

There are many types of soft tissue, from massage therapy and trigger point therapy, to dry needling and injections. We do what is necessary, cost and clinically effective.

Physical Modalities

When indicated, we utilize spinal molding pads, postural and balance therapies and heel lifts. These are just a few of the named, different modalities we prescribe to help our patients.

Lifestyle Modification Counseling

Ergonomic training is a vital part of our approach as the things we do all day can often lead to the problems we present with. It is part of a complete approach to getting you well and staying well.

Stages of Care

Relief care

There are 3 stages to the care of our patients. Relief care is the first. The goal of this stage of treatment is to provide symptom relief, or relieve painful or afflicting conditions. The Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic focuses on techniques to reduce pain or discomfort as quickly and effectively as possible. This ensures that you as the patient can resume or continue your important daily lives & tasks. Most of the time, you will be encouraged to only do light work, and try to relax as much as possible. However, you will be asked to perform light exercise, do your stretches, follow the health plan provided, and in general, stay mobile & functional. Reducing inflammation or muscle spasms through therapy is an important part of this stage.

Corrective care

During the corrective care stage, the chiropractor & staff will focus on correcting issues that caused or contributed to the injury or health problem. Healing or rehabilitating injured tissues is an important goal during this stage of care. Without corrective care, a reoccurrence of the problem is extremely likely.

  • Its vital, critical even, to fully follow & comply with the instructions given by the doctor.
  • Ensure that you make your appointments.
  • Follow any home care instructions or recommendations that are given to you by a health professional.

If pain subsides, healing of the tissue or correction of the problem may still be incomplete and require more treatment. Do not be become overconfident.

Wellness care

When the spine has been healed, or restored to near normal function, the patient is asked to continue with regular checkups. For some, this will be an annual appointment with us. Others may need additional treatment on a monthly or weekly basis. Just like a car needs regular maintenance, your body deserves the best “maintenance” plan possible. Not only will this help any major injuries from repeating, but it will also help catch minor problems, health problems or other conditions BEFORE irreversible pain, discomfort or tissue damage occurs. Similar to cavities and heart attacks, damage to your spine, tissues, organs or body usually occurs before the symptoms are manifest. A wellness care plan can help to mitigate these health conditions.