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  • "Dr. Ron has treated me and my family for several years. He is warm, welcoming, intuitive and he cares. His holistic approach treats the whole patient, which I truly believe is essential for complete wellness. I have rarely been treated by a physician who truly and sincerely cares so much about the patient and who actually listens. My chiro TRULY rocks!"
    Suzanne C.
  • "best last name in Chiropractic! 🙂"
  • "As a family, we have seen Dr Ron since shortly after he moved to Colo Springs from NY. We have always received the best treatment and care from Dr Ron and all of the wonderful staff. We would recommend his office and services to anyone. Our children are all adults now living far and wide. When they visit CO they always try to fit in time to see Dr. Ron!"
    Sharon G.
  • "Great Chiropractor!!!!"
    Doug A.
  • "I have a third career thanks to Dr. Salvagionne; because of my ongoing care, I can participate easily at my new job, but enjoy my hobbies without interruption! How nice to wake up, go about my day, EVERY day, with no worries about "what hurts today". Anyone who wants a "Life" should be seeing him regularly. He doesn't just provide a temporary fix, he educates and works with you, so you can take care of yourself."
    Cheri E.
  • "Dr. Ron is awesome.

    I’ve visited medical doctors and other chiropractors. I moved to Colorado Springs and my search for a new chiropractor stopped once I met Dr. Ron. We spoke and I knew he had the right experience and practice to heal.
    He has corrected my issues, help restore my life to me, and always been available for any health related questions."
    Joshua W.
  • "Definitely the best chiropractic experience i’ve had the pleasure of… well, experiencing. Not only do they do a great job, but they’re top notch human beings."
    Dallas D.
  • "4 stars!"
    Les F.
  • "5 stars!"
    Tricia C.


  • "Dr Ron and Dr Adams are great. The staff is wonderful, love those ladies ? They always are happy and greet you like a friend ?"
    Maria S.
  • "I travel a lot for work, I needed an adjustment because my neck was tweaked. Walked in, filled out a few forms, saw me almost instantly, fixed my exact problem with my neck as well as full adjustment. $50 out the door. Couldn't be happier. Thank you!"
    Anthony R.


  • "CSSI is amazing. My wife and I have been seeing Dr. Ron for years. The level of care we receive from this office is above and beyond any other. The front desk staff is fun and attentive, warm and welcoming. Dr. Ron is not only intuitive, but listens to his patients so that he can work with them on implementing excellent care with positive results. Michelle, the massage therapist has magic in her hands. We refer family and friends to this office because we trust Dr. Ron and his staff to give us the best care. And they do."
    Suz Y.
  • "Staff is professional but family friendly all around, and very aware of your pain tolerances."
    Stephen J.
  • "He is one of the most caring Doctors that I have met. He is getting me through my second car accident and I do not know where I would be without him.

    Thank you Dr. RON!!!!!!!!!!"
    Tricia C.


  • "I love it there i am now seeing the doc regurlarly he is great dr ron!"
    Abigail R.
  • "Very friendly, informative and family treatments are very easy to schedule"
    Adriana G.

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  • "Dr. Kurt knows true health. My husband and I began going to him for adjustments several years ago and have now made it a very affordable family affair. The office staff is great and there is a masseuse in house (she rocks too!)"

A typical experience at the Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic – Chiropractor in Colorado Springs CO*

I’ve suffered from joint pain, back pain, and headaches all my life.  I just treated each pain that I encountered as a separate case and event.  It never occurred to me that a chiropractor could relieve all that what ailed me.  It was partly because I didn’t know much about chiropractors and partly because I always considered my pain to be mild or typical for the average person. 

The reality is that any type of chronic pain is something that cannot be treated by pills alone.  Temporary relief is only covering up the underlying problem—that’s what I’ve come to learn after visiting the Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic.

Just last month, while I was going through another episode of head, neck, and back pain, a friend of mine asked me if I’d ever seen a chiropractor.  I said that I did try massages, which worked similar to taking pain killers, but I didn’t see it as worth doing regularly.  It was then my friend explained to me how chiropractic treatment differed from all other forms of pain relief.

I was on board with trying a chiropractor, anything that can provide me relief for more than a few days.   Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic was the best decision I had made in my adult life since marrying my wife.  Any misinformed expectations I may have had going in went right out the window as soon as we started the consultation.

The chiropractor wasn’t like your average doctor at a clinic.  Very simple and easy to understand information on what I would expect for my first session.  Plus, something I didn’t know about chiropractic work, I was given more information about how to improve my overall health to avoid encountering future pain and inflammation.

Next, we moved onto the examination, both my medical history and my current health status.  We took a look at my posture, spinal alignment, and muscle tightness.  This was familiar to me, as I had similar exams with experienced massage therapists.  My chiropractor was able to immediately find some blockages and points of stress, which he then used mild pressure and fluid motions to loosen and open up pathways.

Because I had multiple points of pain, my treatment was done both sitting up and laying down.  There are various techniques that a chiropractor can utilize to provide relief.  There are as many as 100 different techniques in the work of chiropractic, but most doctors will specialized in a few at a time.  Each one has their advantages and applications according to the person and the problem.

This experience has literally changed my life, I can confidently say my pain in my back has disappeared completely after one session.  My neck experiences only a fraction of the soreness that I had to put up with every day, and, subsequently, my headaches have been reduced four-fold. 

You need to visit and simply trust the process.  The world of good health goes way beyond traditional medicine.  Chiropractic teaches how interconnected our lifestyles, environment, and our actions are, which requires a multi-faceted approach.  Chiropractors incorporate diet, exercise, stress levels, and habits into recovery plans.  They know that each one of these factors can contribute to our ailments.

When I left the chiropractor’s office, it was as if I had a new lease on life.  My head was lighter, my strides stronger, and the smile on my face was permanent.  This is all coming from a person who believes that their pain was only mild.  I cannot imagine what this treatment would feel like for someone who suffered from arthritis, migraines, or a recent bone fracture.

Some problems can be solved with just one visit to a chiropractor, while others may take a few treatments over the course of a month or two.  The first treatment may not be as drastic for some, but you will definitely notice an improvement after each visit. 

This is something I would recommend to everyone, no matter their level of pain or discomfort.  It’s a great form of self-care that I think everyone deserves to have.*

*This is a paid endorsement story and does not reflect a real life experience at Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic. It does describe the experience that many of our patients have told us has happened.