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Dr. Ron Salvaggione’s Story

Ron Salvaggione
When Ron Salvaggione was 16 years old he dove into a pool of water and hit his head. After 3 years, and many doctor visits, he was still having headaches. A friend finally took him to a chiropractor, who informed him, he had not just cracked his head in the pool but had severely damaged his neck. After less than a month of treatments with the chiropractor, the headaches receded. Ron decided to look further into this incredibly life improving medical art and took up the mantle of becoming a chiropractor. For three decades he has continued to improve his understanding of the spine and how it affects every aspect of the body.

Ron Salvaggione graduated in 1980 with a degree in Chiropractic at the St Louis Missouri Logan College of Chiropractic. He also has degrees from the State Universityof New York at Buffalo School of Medicine in Biomedical Sciences. Check out his entire CV here.

We apply one simple principle in treating our patients: the body can heal itself. After 37 years of applying that principle, Ron has discovered there is only 1 side effect to the treatment of his patients: