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Further Education

The Chiropractors of Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic works closely with personal injury lawyers

Personal injury attorneys know that having a trusted chiropractic consult on their side can be vital in obtaining a settlement. At the Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic, we help attorneys with the following:

  • Diagnostic dilemmas
  • Statue of limitations cases
  • Plantiff IME Impairment ratings
  • Teaching attorneys the mechanics of whiplash and more
  • Teaching soft tissue physiology
  • Teaching the science of ligament tears

We understand how vital documentation is to lawyers. Our staff and chiropractor is trained to write & document a patient’s history & medical condition so that we can effectively consult in a personal injury case.

Call our office at (719) 598-6955. We will schedule an appointment with you immediately to help you.

We don’t just tell our patients or their attorneys about injuries. We educate.

We believe that we are the best at teaching attorneys and their clients how to get compensation for their injuries.

We are the leaders in personal injury. When educating attorneys and patients alike, no one does it like us.

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How Colorado Springs Spine and Injury Clinic can help you if you’re injured in a car accident

After a car accident, most people feel sore, especially the next day. Car accident injuries can be deceitful though; often, minor injuries can turn into major problems! Spinal injuries, whiplash and other debilitating injuries can appear months or even years after car accident. It is important to seek help to treat auto accident injuries quickly.

Chiropractors are specialists in treating whiplash injuries, the spine, neck injuries & back injuries. Hidden injuries in car accidents can lead to nerve damage, osteoarthritis, and damaged muscles, ligaments & tissues.

A chiropractor will treat these accident-caused symptoms before they begin. Chiropractic care is the leading treatment for many car accident injuries; many people feel immediate relief from soreness & pain after just a few visits. In addition, chiropractors can assess your unique bodily injuries & ensure that your care is coordinated effectively, even if you need to the help of another qualified medical professional. A chiropractor will ensure you receive a thorough examination of auto accident injuries and begin helping your spine recover.

Call our office at (719) 598-6955. We will schedule an appointment with you immediately to begin treatment of the injuries you received. Walk-in care is also available.

What should you do if you’ve been injured in a car accident?

If you have been injured in a car accident, do not delay! Seek help immediately. Follow these simple steps to ensure you get the best care possible:

  1. Do Not Leave the Accident Scene. Move your car out of the way of traffic if possible.
  2. Exchange Information with the other driver: identification, phone numbers, insurance information.
  3. Inform the Police; insist the authorities come out, even if there are no immediate injuries. Police reports are incredibly valuable in the insurance claim process.
  4. Never Admit Liability for the accident.
  5. Get Appropriate evidenceabout the scene (witness information, diagrams of the scene, photos)
  6. File Accident Reports
  7. Inform Your Insurance Company
  8. Obtain Medical Treatment ASAP if needed
  9. Get Legal Advice as Soon as Possible
  10. Call our chiropractic office at (719) 598-6955. We will schedule an appointment with you immediately to begin treatment of the injuries you received. Walk-in care is also available.

Our speciality is educating patients and their personal injury attorneys. We truly believe in helping people get the best care available, and helping them pay for it.

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How a lawyer can help you if you’re injured in a car accident

Car accident victims are frequently bullied by insurance companies. Insurance companies are in business to make money, not to help their clientele. A personal injury attorney can often help people receive far more money for their injuries. This money can be used to take care of their family or their damaged property & body. If a person settles with the insurance company on their own, the insurance company can use several tricks to get out of paying for a claim. Personal injury lawyers can increase the value of a car accident settlement.

Victims of car accidents can lose a lot:

  1. They are unable to work due to injury recovery.
  2. If a serious disability occurs, it can affect job performance.
  3. A damaged car will need repairs or replacement. Tools, electronics or other items in the car may need replacement.
  4. Injuries sustained during a car accident can be severe, including loss of brain function, broken bones, whiplash, and muscle injuries & more.

A car accident lawyer can assist you in obtaining compensation for these physical & monetary losses.They do this by:

  • Explaining your options for an insurance claim,
  • negotiating directly with an insurance company,
  • ensuring you get the money you need to care for yourself, your family, any injuries, and long term care.
  • if needed, they will even take your case to court.

How to pick a personal injury lawyer

A personal injury lawyer should have the following traits:

He or she should specialize in personal injury law. A person would not go to a dentist for a broken arm. Similarly, it is a mistake to visit a divorce attorney for a personal injury claim.

He or she should have the necessary experience in dealing with personal injury law. A rookie lawyer may not have the needed special skills to deal with negotiation, insurance claims, or a courtroom.

A personal injury lawyer should NEVER take his fee upfront. Injury lawyers are paid on contingency fee: if you don’t win, they don’t win.

An attorney should treat you as their #1 client, answering your phone calls or emails 24/7.

We believe in educating & helping people. We’d be glad to refer you to a trusted attorney.

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How a chiropractor & lawyer work together to help you

Documentation is incredibly important when treating patients and during a court case. At our chiropractic offices we truly believe in educating our patients and their attorneys. We document everything: patient vitals, treatments, injuries and more. Our chiropractor, Ron Salvaggione, understands how personal injury cases work and is continuously learning to better help others.

Are you a personal injury lawyer? When you recommend your clients to the Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinicyou can rest easy knowing that they will receive the best care possible, and you’ll have a trusted resource when facing the insurance company during settlements.

Are you a victim of personal injury? When you visit the Colorado Springs Spine & Injury Clinic rest assured that not only will your injuries betreated thoroughly, but we will also strive to educate you, your attorney and any other necessary parties. This results in the most effective treatment possible, and the a successful resolution to any personal injury case.

How to win your personal injury claim

If involved in an accident, get checked out at an emergency room or clinic as soon as possible, preferably on the same day of the accident. In addition to treating your injuries, they will be able to provide crucial documentation in the event that the shock from the accident causes memory loss. Your personal recollection can be severely tested during periods of high adrenaline, and a written document has better credibility than short term memory.

Ensure that you take photos of the accident, the drivers involved andresulting injuries. Of course, exchanging information with the other party in the incident is essential.

A daily diary of your feeling: soreness, dietary changes, or mental changes, can be helpful in a personal injury cases.

Critically, you must follow all instructions from your treating doctor or chiropractor. Keep your appointments religiously. Not only will the treatment help your injuries, but the documentation that the chiropractor or doctor provides is essential. A written record of the severity of your injuries on a regular basis can impact a personal injury case for the better.

Frequent communication between yourself, your treating chiropractor or doctor and the personal injury attorney on your side is vitally important. Stay in touch by phone or email at least once a week. An attorney will frequently ask your doctors or chiropractors for a final evaluation; this explains the future need for medical treatment, what bills were involved in the treatment of your injuries, whether you will need to change jobs and what kind of impairment rating you could receive.

The best action we take is to help our patients: whether that be treating them, referring them to physicians, or helping them find options to pay for their care. Call us today; we’d be happy to help.

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