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Mission to help you

Mission to help you

Simply put, we are here to help our patients, but that sounds so cliché.

Thirty-seven years of practice has revealed one inevitable truth.

Most of our patients have been injured in the past, and will develop spine problems and arthritis even if they are properly taken care of. The science now shows that soft tissue injuries repair, but are never the same as they were.

This is especially important in the spine because that’s where our nerve system is. The job of which is to control all our bodily functions. When the nerves are not functioning properly the body will be less than it’s capable of being. This will eventually cause dysfunction and disease. This is respectful of the 122-year-old chiropractic message and applies more today because the science is catching up and proving it.

We know today that most spine pain comes from mechanical dysfunction (98%) but we must always rule out fracture, infections and lesions.

Today’s opioid epidemic is out of control and still doesn’t address the mechanical component. Chiropractor’s address the mechanical problems, and with us being a drugless approach, we are perfectly positioned for the primary spine care role.

The best doctors will teach this to the patient, offer treatment options then listen and respect each person’s decisions as to how they want to handle their condition.

It is, therefore, our mission to help you, teach you, respect your decisions, and then be there for you. We will always work for you as part of your health care team.